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Script version history:

Ver. 0.9 - Prototype;
Ver 1.0 - Operational;
Ver. 1.1 - Inclusion of size limits on the text fields;
Ver. 1.2 - Bug fix ''submission button'';
Ver. 1.3 (04/07/2022) - Separation of the text field "Results and discussions" into two different text fields "Results", and "discussions". Inclusion of new sample text in the text fields. Concepts for laboratory results or bibliographic research results. Inclusion of the data in the version update information. Journal template updated tobe compatible with the A.M.T. Version 1.3.
Ver. 1.4 (09/10/2022) - Authors can listen to the abstract and self verify if the content looks correct (credits for the voice script to https://app.responsivevoice.org).
Ver. 1.5 (16/01/2023) - The abstrac is automaticaly included in the word count box.