From 1993, the year of its creation and first issue, until 2019, the Journal had been published in yearly volumes of one. All issues are available for download in the DOWNLOAD >> ISSUE ARCHIVE section on the Journal website.

Starting in 2020, the SOUTHERN JOURNAL OF SCIENCES became biannual, publishing 2 issues per year (one issue is published in JUNE and one in DECEMBER) with a maximum amount of 200 articles per year. Besides, under the decision of the Editorial Board, special issues may be published. So it has remained up to the present.

Articles are accepted continuously during the year. The estimated time between the submission and publication of an article is about 6 months.

The printed version of the Journal (ISSN: 0104-5431) is disseminated by

  • distribution to the leading libraries in Brazil and abroad;
  • delivery to subscribers by mail;
  • purchase of copies in the editorial office;
  • dissemination at scientific events.
The electronic version of the Journal (FORMER: ISSN: 2674-6891) is published on its website ;

The editorial board supports the principles of free dissemination of scientific information.

Originally developed by Dr. Lavinel G. Ionescu (1993-2015). Later continued by Dr. Luis A. B. De Boni.

FORMER: Printed ISSN: 0104-5431
FORMER: Electronic ISSN: 2674-6891

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